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Welcome to Hi-Response

Welcome to Hi-Response

The HI-RESPONSE project will overcome the current limitation relating to the resolution, viscosity and engineering design through the development of a highly innovative pulsed Electro-static printing technology (ESJET) that:

Can achieve a droplet volume down to 0.001 Pico liters (compared to 5-90 Pico liters for commercial inkjet) so that a resolution of ≤1 μm can be achieved for a range of (pre-existing and novel) multi-functional materials – one order of magnitude better than current ink jet printing technologies. This will further enable 10,000 dots per inch (dpi) to be achieved in comparison to 50 to 360dpi for commercial inkjet printers.

Can deposit a wide range of viscosities from 1 to 10,000 centipoise, compared to 1-40 centipoise for commercial inkjet printers, therefore enabling the deposition of highly filled inks with a solids content of up to 60 Vol.-% and larger conductive particles as well as the deposition of other high viscosity inks of viscosity of up to 40,000 cP.

Has no moving parts, in contrast to current high-resolution inkjet printers based on piezo-operation and can achieve an output speed of up to 50m/min, compared to 6m/min for commercial inkjet printers.

In HI-RESPONSE a full scale multi-head ESJET pilot system will be developed and tested. A range of conducting and semiconducting inks will be adapted and different printed electronic components will be developed tested based on end-user defined specifications to demonstrate the industrial viability of the new printing technology.