Project Milestones


MS1 Manufacture and delivery of 6 single channel devices to partners.

MS2 Single channel devices for each selected end-user application

MS3 Printing strategy

MS4 Individual ESJET hardware and software issues resolved and multichannel prototype print head flex circuits created

MS5 Optimised single channel system and printing parameters for each end-user defined application

MS6 Pilot system (printing, drying, sintering and other) assembled and installed at PVI, IAP and NTC

MS7 Optimised HIRESPONSE system, sintering, inspection, repair and end user defined components validated at TRL 6


  • Droplet volume down to 0.001 Pico litres
  • ESJET will enables 10,000 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Can deposit a wide range of viscosities from 1 to 10,000 centipoise